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February 27, 2010 | 8pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do we go and what time?

A: Confirmation and Access information will be emailed to all Kandy Masquerade guests multiple times prior to the event.


Q: Is there a pre or post Kandy Masquerade party?

A: There are no official pre or post Kandy Masquerade parties.


Q: Does the cost of the drive-up privileges include Limo service?

A: No, the drive-up privileges simply allow access for your own limousine, instead of taking the shuttle from the parking lot. You may also drive you own vehicle to the Mansion and have valet service. There are no ins and outs though. Everyone in your car must have their own ticket.


Q: Do I have to wear a costume or can I attend dressed casual?

A: Dress code is as follows: Masks required. Men dress all in black. Women wear sexy, masquerade themed lingerie.


Q: Can we bring personal cameras?

A: Personal cameras are allowed. Professional cameras or video equipment will not be permitted.


Q: How can I get a complimentary ticket and when do we find out?

A: Go to, click on “Apply for Complimentary Tickets” and submit your profile. If selected, you will receive an email confirmation with the details regarding your ticket. If you would like to purchase a ticket rather than take the chance of not getting a complimentary one, please contact your VIP Host. If you do not have a VIP Host contact us directly and we will assist you with making a purchase.


Q: How do I get a VIP Host Code to purchase a ticket?

A: Your VIP Host, or the person who invited you to attend the party will give you an Invitation Code to enter online when purchasing your ticket. If you do not have a VIP Host, please contact us at and request one.


Q: Can I wait and purchase a ticket the day of the party?

A: Kandy Masquerade will sell out quickly, so if you are serious about attending click on "Buy Tickets" now and enter your VIP Host's Invitation Code. If you do not have a VIP Host, please contact us at and request one. You can purchase tickets the day of the party but they will be available at a very premium price and only on a limited basis at the registration desk.


Q: I submitted my profile and was selected to attend one of your past events (Kandyland, Kandy Kruise, Kandy Halloween, etc.). Does that mean I automatically get to go to this event for free, too?

A: Complimentary tickets are issued individually for each event. If you have already created a profile with us you will automatically be considered for a complimentary ticket to Kandy Masquerade so you DO NOT need to reapply. If you are invited to Kandy Masquerade you will receive an email invitation from Mr. Kandy asking you to RSVP. If you still want to apply you can go to


Q: I forgot my password and cannot log into my profile. Can you send it to me?

A: You can click on “Apply for Complimentary Tickets”, then click on “forgot your password” in the upper right corner, enter your email address and a password will be emailed to you.


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Use VIP Invitation Code MS1290 to Purchase Tickets here online